Drone Operators For Rent In America

If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot in America this website is the ideal place. We are becoming the world’s leading drone business directory and have thousands of legal drone pilots ready to help. All the companies listed are approved and insured to offer their services as drone pilots in America.

Drone Safe Register started in the UK make in 2015 but is now moving into America and the rest of the world. As well as offering customers quick and easy access to legal drone pilots in America we can offer expert advice to meet your specific needs. Safe and legal operation is the foundation of our success and the reason we are the largest network of drone operators.

The range of services we offer includes

Aerial photography

Aerial Video

Thermal Imaging



Crop management

Nothing beats high-definition images than aerial shots to make an impact. Our operators combine technical drone flying and camera skills to ensure the highest quality aerial photography. If you’re selling a property or want to promote your business this is the way to stand out. Tourist attractions, hotels and golf courses are increasingly using aerial photography in America promote themselves.

Drone filming in America - The high cost meant that spectacular aerial film sequences were only possible with the budgets of Hollywood movies a few years ago. Thanks to drone technology it’s now possible to hire a drone cameraman at an affordable rate. Drone filming combines technical flying skills, an understanding of safe and legal operation and an eye for appealing images. Talk to the experts at Drone Safe USA and we can advise you about everything for drone filming in the USA

Drone Operators For Rent In America

Aerial footage is ideal for capturing the excitement of concerts, sporting events and outdoor celebrations. Safety is of course a key factor when flying close to crowds, but our operators have the know-how and experience to do this. Drone event filming in the USA is becoming increasingly popular, and skilled pilots are in demand. If you’re planning an event and want it filmed we can advise you on the type of coverage you’ll need and they key safety considerations.


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