Drones & Sustainable Weddings How Drones Can Help The Environment Whilst Capturing Stunning Aerial Imagery.

With thousands of requests for aerial wedding photographers each year, aerial wedding photography and film is one of the most popular uses of drones in the country. Aerial wedding photography has transformed the way weddings are photographed, but one thing about weddings hasn't changed: the environmental cost.

As you may be aware, everything we discard that cannot be recycled harms the environment. The quantity of garbage generated by the wedding business is staggering: according to research, 4,910 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic were consumed and left behind during British weddings last year. This is the same as 47 Blue Whales.

Weddings and the Environment: You may be thinking to yourself, "yeah, a wedding isn't wasteful, it's a celebration of love and camaraderie, a few plastic cups won't hurt."

Drones & Sustainable Weddings How Drones Can Help The Environment Whilst Capturing Stunning Aerial Imagery.

Consider how much single-use material might be present at a wedding: plates, cups, cutlery, straws... the list goes on and on. A single wedding might produce as much as 20 kg of plastic waste. Furthermore, the black garbage bags used to collect the trash could be toxic. They might take up to 90 years to decay underground.

Food wastage is a major issue at weddings, with $650 wasted on average at each one. There is a waste of balloons, confetti, and other decorations elsewhere on the spectrum.

Then there's the price of CO2 emissions. The average wedding ceremony will emit about 14.5 tonnes of gas. When this is multiplied by the number of marriages held each year, the final sum is staggering.

Now, we're not saying you shouldn't have a wedding; in fact, the last thing we'd want is for you to have one. We are, however, collaborating with ‘77 Diamonds' to encourage more sustainable weddings and to demonstrate the environmental benefits of eco-friendly weddings, as well as how your wedding may still be as special with some eco-adjustments.

Drones and Weddings:

Drones and weddings are a relatively new association, with drones typically being employed for aerial photography and video. This isn't surprising, given the impressive results of drone use. Our network of pilots is ecstatic to be able to provide drone services for weddings, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

But what part do drones play in making the wedding industry more environmentally friendly? They can't help with food waste, for example.

Drone Filmmaking & Photography: As we've seen, drones are fantastic for collecting aerial imagery at weddings, but what impact can drone photography have in comparison to standard filming techniques?

Drones & Sustainable Weddings How Drones Can Help The Environment Whilst Capturing Stunning Aerial Imagery.

Drone operations, on the other hand, are typically a one-person job, with an operator requiring only a spotter to operate safely and effectively. In comparison to traditional filming, a small team of content creators may be required to capture the same experience. This would increase transport and set-up emissions while also requiring a large amount of power to run for the entire day.

The cost of a standard camera crew's lighting setup varies based on a variety of factors. Drones, on the other hand, can take full use of natural, organic light and shoot amazing photographs with the quality of the lens on drones in 2021.

Drones are ideal for showcasing sustainable weddings since they can capture the surreal beauty of nature as no other camera can. Through the lens of a camera drone, flowers, trees, and sunshine may all blossom even more.

Pooling data and material from a variety of sources and cameras during the editing and production process would waste more energy than the creation of a single drone.

Overall, drones can not only elevate your wedding images and movies to the next level, but they can also help you save money by reducing carbon emissions and showcasing the genuine beauty of nature while using emission-free natural lighting.

Drones & Sustainable Weddings How Drones Can Help The Environment Whilst Capturing Stunning Aerial Imagery.

Drones in Food Production:

As previously said, food waste is a major problem at weddings, which is largely due to the actions of individual wedding planners (don't order more than you can eat!). In a year, the average family throws out $950 worth of food, which means that one wedding can account for up to 65 percent of a household's waste. So, how can drones help to reduce this figure?

It all starts at the outset, with the food-producing process. Drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral were designed specifically to help the agriculture business improve food production procedures. Drones in agriculture assist farmers in increasing plant yields, monitoring and inspecting growth, improving efficiency, and maximizing outputs.

The P4 Multispectral is capable of flying in a variety of environments. Due to the muddy and soggy dirt, data collection would be difficult without the P4 Multispectral. The P4 Multispectral drone will collect information that is not visible to the naked eye. The information it gathers can be used in vegetation indexes like NDRE and NDVI. Farmers will be able to save expenses, increase yields, and save time on data collection as a result of this.

Drones can also be used to improve health and safety. UV (ultraviolet) lighting is available on some drones, which can detect lingering messes and bacteria on potentially dirty surfaces.

Other Ways Drones Help The Environment:

Track Climate & Humidity Data

Monitor Animal Populations & Deter Poachers

Track Ocean Migrations & Monitor Marine Ecosystems

Keep Track of Farmland & Crops

Deliveries To Out Of Reach Locations

Using drones across the wedding industry will not save the planet, but there are small changes that we can all make to help save the planet. We all share this planet; let us take care of it.


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