Drones For Construction

Drones For Engineering and Construction

A land survey is an essential first step before any project begins. Drones can accomplish this safer, faster and more easily than a ground based team. Using a drone will be a huge cost saving right from the start of the project.

Drones have the ability to create a detailed map, either in 2D or 3D, resulting in a considerable advantage.  This can then be passed to the design team allowing them to fully visualize the landscape and check for hidden obstacles cost saving opportunities.

During the construction phase of a project, weekly or monthly monitoring is very important. This helps to ensure standards and budgets are kept under control. Commercial Drones can cover large areas providing a bird’s eye view in either photographic or video format, saving time and money.

A second visit can allow real time inspection on site by certified personnel. The resulting digital images or video footage can easily be shared with interested parties and investors

Lower Health & Safety Risks

Data accuracy is improved

Visual Progress Reports

Real-time Aerial Data

Manage your worksite

Create Live Feeds

Drone Safe USA's qualified operators can accomplish survey and inspection work in a safer, faster and more efficient manner than ever before. The use of drones on construction sites is increasing drastically for these reasons.  

The Drone Safe World national network of pilots are ready for projects of all sizes.  Just use the quote feature on this website to receive quotes directly from your local Drone Safe USA operators.

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