Drones For Insurance Claims

Drone Services For Insurance Claims & Inspections

American Insurance companies can benefit hugely by using drones for their inspection work. Drone technology has the ability to help streamline their business and claims processes. 

Drones are still relatively new and so much of their potential remains untapped. It seems such a natural fit for insurance loss adjusters to request the service of our commercial Drone Safe USA Pilot Network. We are surprised that more Amercian based insurance companies are yet to take advance of this technology.

Insurance Assessment with Traditional Methods

Let’s take an example of a storm, all too common in America with it's unpredictable storm weather. A buildings roof is damaged and an insurance claim is made. An insurance company representative would be dispatched with a ladder, a digital camera, a tape measure and other attendant safety gear to make an assessment of the damage before the claim can be processed.  There are all sorts of costs associated with this approach plus some serious safety risks to be considered.

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Insurance Assessment With Drone

Aerial Drone inspections can rapidly reduce the time to settle an insurance claim when compared to more traditional inspections.

Drone Safe USA have qualified commercial drone pilots all across the country, allowing for jobs to be completed in a very timely manner.  It seems only natural that insurance firms will soon start to utilise the time and costs saving power of drones and help streamline the insurance process for everyone.

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