Rent A CableCam Operator

Rent a CableCam Operator Today!

Amerrican based CableCam Operations enable you to capture incredibly smooth tracking shots that would otherwise be impossible in todays world.

Drone Safe USA is proud to offer many exciting addition services to Part 107 Commercial Drone Operators

Cablecam Operations and a list of local operators are one of the many additional services we can offer through our nationwide network of Drone Safe USA professional members. 

With a wealth of experts in different areas of the industry, we are in a prime position to source and offer expertise in CableCam Operations and not just Drone Operator hire.

Applications of Our CableCam Operators

Specialist event filming

Rent Music Videos

Great for Film production

Ideal For Large outdoor events

Perfect For Festivals

Ultra-smooth tracking shots

Ability to fly over crowds safely and legally

This unique capture option allows our skilled operators to easily obtain high-quality cinematic footage, all the while minimizing the risk of a collision or accident. our operators are fully insured.

Do you have a large event that needs filming, if so? Simply enter your Zip Code in the bar, and receive FREE instant quotes from a one of our number of experienced industry Cablecam professionals based in America.

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