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What is time-lapse?

Time-lapse is a technique often used to demonstrate the progression of a long term project, most frequently in construction. Film frames are captured in a much more elongated sequence which demonstrates from frame to frame the work achieved between frames.  When played at normal speed, the progression of the project is then demonstrated more efficiently.

Although we primarily provide customers with a network of trained, safe and insured drone operators, several of our professional members are also highly experienced time-lapse camera operators. 

Time-lapse uses

Rent Time-lapse for construction

Rent Timelapse For photography & video

Demonstrate Site developments

Perfect To Showcase large projects & Builds

Time-lapse is a very clever and important technology, allowing you to show the natural processes that would not be demonstrated in just one shot. This process allows for slow-motion of faster processes that need slowing down and framing to comprehend each aspect of a build.

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